About us

Careof Publishing is an independent publishing house founded in 2016. Our catalogue consists of both print and digital e-books.

By discovering remarkable novels, Careof Publishing will take you on a journey to… Haiti for example. This country with its incredible cultural richness caught our attention with many of our new publications. By digitizing little known and forgotten written works, we want to shed light on these Haitian authors and the diaspora.

At CareOf Publishing, whether for Haiti or elsewhere in the world, an international perspective is paramount. Our philosophy? To unearth fascinating and surprising works and take you on a journey to unknown literary worlds. To Georgia, Romania, France, Canada, India, South Africa… there are many new stories to come!

Here, young and old can devour these novels on their tablet or computer. Follow the development of our catalogue and be the first to read our republished and original publications.

Our work

Our publishing strategy is to create a link, a connection between you and the world of art and literature. Here, digital is not a replacement for paper, but is a new medium for creativity that is accessible to all. The book, though no longer physical, is enriched with the addition of new audio-visual content, external links, and interactive and educational content. As for the paper editions, we preserve them as unique one-of a kinds.

Our digital books are available directly from our site and at many online bookstores. Do not hesitate to contact us. We value our readers, our authors and our partners. That’s the CareOf Publishing way!