CareOf Publishing

A publisher that keeps literature alive by digitizing well-known, or unknown, works neglected by the world of print books.

L’Oranger magique

L’Oranger magique is one of the best known folktales from Haiti. CareOf presents the reissue in digital format. The images of the magic orange tree will delight little ones from here, there and everywhere, for readers without borders from an early age.

DO KRE I S / Arebò — the magazine of Creole cultures

DO KRE I S takes you on a journey at the heart of the Haitian and Creole cultures.

Le Noël de Maïté

You haven't been able to find her on the shelves of your bookshop? Maité is back, more cranky than ever! But that is to forget her grandmother and her tales that help Maïté grow up. A book on memory and on looking for our roots.

20 petits pas vers Maria

This story was born from the discomfort felt by Marie-Célie Agnant when her son, aged seven or eight, asked her, while they were on their way to school in an upscale neighborhood of Montreal: "Why, here, are black women walking white babies? "Twenty small steps" are those that separate us from …

Le Peuple des terres mêlées

René Philoctète

The first republication of Le Peuple des Terres Mêlées in its original version. Only a few hundred copies were printed in 1989 but it has become a classic of Haitian literature. This journey back to 1937 and to the people of the border is now within reach of everyone.